European Nopsled Team win DEFCON 19 CTF

Posted: 17th August 2011 by sharpe in CTF
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The annual DEFCON Capture The Flag (CTF) competition is over and the winning team has been crowned, Men of 0×90, The European Nopsled Team.

Team members Rasmus Petersen (RP) (right).

European Nopsled Team win DEFCON 19 CTF

European Nopsled Team win DEFCON 19 CTF

Photograph by Sarid Harper, CSIS

What was the best part about winning the DEFCON CTF?
RP: Doing something you love with the awesome guys from the team, partying afterwards with the guys from Hates Irony and VedaGodz.

Prior to quals, how confident was the European Nopsled Team?
RP: With teams like Hates Irony and Routards, we knew the competition was going to be tough, I was secretly hoping for a 3rd place.

What did you do differently this year compared to last year?
RP: We did even more training and tools.

What are you going to do differently next year?
RP: Even more training and even more tools.

Do you have any comments for the organisers of this years CTF?
RP: Great job guys, we had a blast and thanks for listening to us whenever we experienced problems during the contest.

What are your expectations for next year?
RP: Do our very best

Any last minute advice for teams hoping to qualify next year?
RP: Start training

  1. Mars says:

    Nicely done EU Nopsled Team, it was fun watching you guys work together, very well organised.

    CU next year.

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